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Jordan smith


Can I repair my chipped rimless glasses?

I have a small chip on the bottom of my glasses, can I have it repaired or do I have to replace the lens?
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  • charles


    You can take your rimless glasses back to your optician and he will know whether your glasses can be repaired or not. If it can be repaired, he will ask a good lab technician to grind out the chip. If it cannot be repaired, you'll be asked to get a new one.
  • Cassy


    Instead of getting them repaired, you can almost get a new pair of glasses with the repair cost. Glasses can be hardly repaird if they get broken on the lens. Even you can repair it for temporary, they would get broken soon. So it is better to get a new pair.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, the rimless glasses can hardly be repaired. So I kindly suggest you to have another pair.
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