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Where to get a pair of cheap vision sunglasses for driving?

I wear glasses, and just bought an used car. I also need sunglasses to prevent the sunshine during morning and evening. I guess I need a vision glasses. Where can I get a cheap one? I think I only use it occasionally, if no straight shine into my eyes, I can wear my regular glasses.
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  • Nadine


    Dude, I think you'd better buy a pair of good sunglasses. But sometimes cheap sunglasses don't mean they have poor quality. You can have a look at Though there are just a few pairs of sunglasses for men. But the style is in fashion. You can have a try.
  • 04/12/2012

    most sunglasses have protection for the sunshine, since you just buy them for driving, the most important factor for you is the function of protection not decoration, right ?If you have the habit of shopping online ,there are many options especially when they have a discount .
  • Catherine williams


    Do you mean prescription sunglasses? Prescription sunglasses can provide your vision aids and prevent UV light. You can go some eyeglasses shop to try. Or you can order it online for affordable prices. As far as i known, is a good place to buy go. They can provide your prescription sunglasses at affordable prices.
  • eomer_byrom


    The sunglasses sold online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. But before placing an order online, you'd better view the comments and the description of the sunglasses you want to buy. The most important thing is that the sunglasses should be 100% UV blocking, because this kind of sunglasses can better protect our eyes from the damages of the sun. If there are no obvious words to inform you that this pair of sunglasses is 100% UV blocking, you can consult the online customer services. They are very kind and always willing to help you. Good luck!
  • elmos_world_05


    I know you may only need to wear sunglasses when you leave home in the morning and when you go home in the night. Maybe you think the UV rays and glare are less intensive at that moment, so a pair of cheap sunglasses can protect your eyes. But I think you should take the quality of the sunglasses into consideration. The UV rays are intensive in summer. I think though you only need to wear sunglasses in the morning and night, you still need to buy a pair of good sunglasses. Usually we often work 5 days in one week, but we need to go out in weekends or holidays. So a pair of good sunglasses can really protect your eyes. Hope you can consider this.
  • Alexandria taylor


    There are so many online stores that you can have a look. But I suggest you not to buy the sunglasses that are too cheap because the quality of the sunglasses can't be guaranteed so they may not protect your eyes. Though you may use the sunglasses occasionally, you still need to buy a pair of good sunglasses that can better protect your eyes. Sunglasses are not only used for driving. If you are in the outside and the sunlight is too bright, we can wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Do you know that too much exposure to sunlight will lead to cataract or macular degenerations in our later lives? So a pair of good sunglasses is very important in our life. We can use them in many occasions other than only when we are driving.