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How to rid a sunglass frame of gold plating and make it silver?

Are there any liquid solutions to remove the gold colouring or can i sandpaper it, then polish it to make it silver? Any smart advice?
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  • 04/14/2012

    First,get some spray paint in the color you want . Then clean your frames to make sure all of the gold plating are removed completely . Cover your lens with a small piece of cloth to avoind being stained .Shake and evenly coat the frame with the spray .then all is over ,just wait it to dry . you can see your new sunglasses,LOL
  • ct_exposed


    If the frame of your sunglasses is made by real gold, you can use sandpaper to polish them. But I think we can hardly find a pair of sunglasses that are really made by gold. So I think sandpaper will remove the gold coating and make your frames uglier. So I suggest you to take your sunglasses to an optician store, maybe the optician can find a way to polish them for you. Good luck!
  • Mya


    There is a kind of solution that can remove the stains of rust on the frame of your glasses. Once an optician gives me a bottle of that kind of solution for free, but I left it behind in my dormitory. You can have a look at any optical stores. Maybe you can find that kind of solution. Good luck!
  • Jonah


    I think the coating of your frame will fall in the end. And the ugly inside appearance of the frame will finally come out. If the stains on your frames are not so noticeable, I think you'd better not polish them with sandpaper. There are salts in our sweet, so they will rust the gold plating. What you can do is to wash your sunglasses and dry them before store them every time. Hope this helped!

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