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Will round glasses look good on an asian with an oval face?

I have an oval face and black hair, I was deciding to get round lens glasses with black frame. Will that look good on me?
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  • Danielle may


    Oval faces are the most well-balanced faces. People with oval faces can wear any type of glasses frames. Therefore round glasses would look good on an asian with an oval face. I am an asian with an oval face, and round glasses can go well with my face shape. I think round glasses with black frame will look good on you. Just go ahead to have a try.
  • walkinalone


    If you have a oval face, you are luckily. Oval face are general considered as the most perfect face that any style of eyeglasses can match them. So, don't worry, have a try, you will know if the round glasses suit you or not.
  • Zoe Wang


    Maybe,Oval face is considered the most perfect face shape. And one of my friend told me that people with oval face can wear almost any shape of eyeglasses. So, cute and nice round glasses may look great on your friend. if you are not sure, you cause use virtual try on system online(most of online eyeglasses shop provide it) with her picture. Hope this can help you.
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