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James green


Is it bad to wear glasses with the wrong pd?

Does anyone know that if it will be bad to wear glasses with the wrong pd?
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  • crazyuglycoyote


    Well, wearing glasses with the wrong pd will not do harm to your vision, but it will make you feel uncomfortable. If you get a pair of incorrect glasses prescription, you are likely to have the symptoms of blurred or fuzzed images, eye strain, dizziness, vertigo, headaches or nausea. Under such circumstances, stop wearing the glasses and consider changing a pair of glasses. If you do not care about it, you may have difficulty in seeing while driving, which can cause an accident and pose a threat to your life. In a word, cherish your own body and wear glasses with the precise pd.
  • emi47678


    Yes, it will do harm to the eyes if people wear eyeglasses with wrong pupil distance. If the pupil distance is not correct, people will feel very uncomfortable even if the diopter of the glass lenses is correct. As long as one optical axis of the eyes accepts the lights which do not come through the optical center of the glasses, the direction of the lights in the eyes will be changed by the refraction of the triangular prism effect of the glass lenses. Then the image formed in this eye will not be on the correspondent point to that in the other eye, thus making double vision. Then the brain will adjust the extraocular muscle to correct the double, however, people will still feel uncomfortable and strenuous, and they may have to squint to help correct their vision. As time goes by, their eyes can easily get deformed, and their vision will get even worse.
  • Kelly gary


    Yes. Wearing glasses with wrong PD is bad for eyes. PD is short for Pupillary Distance. It is the distance between your two pupils. And PD is one of an important factor to fit your lenses to get vision acuity. If you get wrong PD lenses, you can't see clear through the lenses. It will cause blurry vision. Besides, if you insist wearing this eyeglasses with wrong PD made lenses, you will get eye ache, headache and even disgust. So, Make sure you get accurate PD when you buy eyeglasses.