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Miranda hall


Which will look better, full color sunglasses or gradient tinted?

I am buying some new sunglasses, there are two choices. One is a full grey lense and the other is a fading gradient grey lens. So I want your opinion about this.
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  • Danai P.


    I think gradient tinted sunglasses are better than full color sunglasses. Because they can not only protect your eyes from sun just like ordinary sunglasses do, they also allow you to view near objects clearly through the clear bottom portion of the lenses. While full color sunglasses will darken the color of the objects if you view near objects so that they will affect the clarity of the objects.
  • enriquejacob


    I think it should depend on how you look on them, but I think gradient tinted sunglasses are more fashionable and the arrangement makes the wearer more at ease by enjoying the better sunshade as well as the better vision acuity seeing through the lower part.