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How much is channel sunglasses ?

Where I can buy in Madrid and Costa del Sol?
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  • 04/14/2012

    it depends on model and design.? price variesfrom 3000 to 15000 pesos.
  • walker


    You can have a look at It is the official website of channel sunglasses.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    You can find some channel sunglasses on this website too. the sunglasses sold online are less expensive than the same sunglasses sold in physical shops. But I still think that they look great while they are a little expensive for me. I have decided to spend at most $150 on a pair of sunglasses.
  • Riley


    I bought a pair of channel sunglasses online last month. They cost me more than $200. But they are very beautiful and elegant. I am quite satisfied with their quality and style. They fit my face well. I like this pair of sunglasses best. But I haven't been to Madrid or Costa Del Sol. So I don't know where you can find an eyeglasses store in your local place. But why not buy a pair of sunglasses online? I think they are affordable online and this way is more convenient.

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