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tuener Angela


How can I stop my goggles from fogging?

I do my woodworking in my garage so there is no climate control. When I am trying to work and get hot and sweaty my goggles fog up and so do my glasses. This happens within seconds of putting the goggles on. It takes a minute or longer to happen during the cooler weather. How can I stop my goggles from fogging?
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  • Sara raphael


    You can put a anti-fog coating on your glasses lenses. Then it will not get foggy. Or you can use toothpaste to put minor abrasions on the lens to help anti-fog work better when you first purchase your glasses..
  • Zoe Wang


    One of the easiest ways to stop this happening is to avoid letting the warm, moisture rich air from your breath coming into contact with the inside of the goggle, which often happens when you tuck a face mask or balaclava under the bottom of the goggle. Doing this channels warm air up onto the lens and will have you blind in no time.
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