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What happens if I only use my eyeglasses on times that I can't clearly see things?

I have a astigmatism which is 150. The eye specialist told me that I should often use my glasses. I don't like wearing it always so I only wear it on times that I really need to see things clearly. Especially on school, I only use it when I want to see something from the board. I always do this thing for almost 2 years and now my eyes is itchy for 2 weeks. It's turns red on the last wednesday until now.
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  • b3autyqu33n22


    Generally this could cause limited harm to your eyes. Astigmatism is caused by irregularity In the round shape of the eyeball, glasses redirect the light rays to give a clear image. I'd you are seeng clearly so are not wearing your glasses, no harm done! On the other hand it still won't do any harm if your vision is not good and you aren't wearing your glasses, can't worsen your eyesight. However, if you are getting itchy or red eyes you should wear them to avoid complications. Unclear vision could cause strain, this is not harmful to your sight but is just very painful and has the symptoms you say above (red eyes, itchy) so in conclusion, if you get hose sore eye symptoms wear your glasses! Hope this was helpful!
  • Mark


    It will not cause big damage to your eyes. However, if you do not wear your eyeglasses, which will also not work for your control of vision deterioration. However, because you do not wear eyeglasses when you do not want to see things clearly, which will cause eye strain of your eyes. If you do not wear the eyeglasses, you need to widen your eyes openly in order to see things clearly, which will cause the eye strain. Further, the itchy eye will not be inevitable. So I kindly suggest you to wear your eyeglasses all the time.