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Is vision insurance really worth it?

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  • Jordyn


    Actually, different people has different opinions. As most people will have eye problem or need to do eye surgery, so personally I think vision insurance is worthy of your investment. Vision insurance does not cover everything related to your eye. Your medical insurance covers accidents, surgery, and eye disease. Therefore, if you opt out of vision insurance and happen get battery acid in your eye your bills will still be covered assuming you have medical insurance.Vision insurance covers eye exams, glasses, and contacts-ust the basics of vision. Typically, you only need one eye exam per year and there's a $10 or $15 copay. Most vision plans will have an allowance for glasses and contacts that will be sufficient as long as you don't get too fancy with designer lenses.
  • Paige williams


    Yes of course. Vision insurance is very inexpensive,often between $3 and $7 per month. In addition to being cheaper,if you buy a vision insurance,there are more doctors for you, more benefits for glasses or contacts,so I highly recommend any myopia to buy the vision insurance.they really worth the money.
  • fergus


    yes. it is well worth it, especially for the contacts, and my extreme correction. It only costs us $5 a month and the copay is $15. They cover 100% for kids with the upgrades of more expensive lenses and frames up to $150. I do buy more expensive frames for my kids, but they have never broke them. And I get a free replacement on scratched lenses within a year. All in all,It's worth it for us.i am very happy recommend this service to others who have eye problem as well.
  • david


    Different people have different opinions. As it to me, I think the vision insurance is not worth it. I feel like it does not cover that much and the premium is equal to what I would pay for an exam. I used to get my contacts from 1-800 contacts and they were pretty reasonably priced. I'd also get cheap glasses. Moreover, I have already go Lasik a couple of years ago, so I no longer have to buy that stuff.