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Phoebe Godinez


My eyeglasses are bent. Help?

Hi guys I need some advice. My family is going through a tight situation about money and our top priority right now is food, school, and shelter. We'er in between homes right now. Anyway, I have bad eyesight and I have eyeglasses that I basically place everywhere and forget about. Now it's badly bent on the left hinge. I have been irresponsible with it and I switch frames almost once a year (expensive frames =0) and it's becoming such a headache to my parents. Right now we can't afford a new one (again...). I'm afraid to fix it myself because the last time I did I broke the left arm lol. It's a metal frame by the way. When I place it on a flat surface the left arm looks like it's flying ( Even at a glance you can say it's bent). But thank God that there are no scratches (just really minor). Please help me! I can't see the white board in class without having to go through a headache!
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  • Phoebe Godinez


    I just knew the name of the bent area it's called "Endpiece" The one that bends to fold the arms behind the lens.
  • Rebecca


    I have heard that you can heat the arm of your eyewear and model them with your hand. Maybe you can have a try.
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