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Some rayajos in glass sunglasses can cause blindness?

Good afternoon.?My view is that a relative of mine has a few weeks using a pair of sunglasses with scratched glass, the spot is about 2 or 3 mm for another 2, and dizzy a lot lately and has had 2 or 3 episodes of loss of vision, two of them driving, said
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  • 04/14/2012

    poor quality glasses cause conjunctivitis, headache, falls, burns and loss of vision
  • b3autyqu33n22


    some people choose glasses by the appearance, but not all glass in optical shop are qualified, inferior glasses hurt your eyes, increse the risk of cataract. And cataract will make you lose your sight when you are old. So you must be careful when you choose your glasses. and you'd better buy glasses from formal optical shops.
  • wesley


    Really? I have never heard about that. The ray ban sunglasses are made of glass. But they are of good quality and very popular. I think the dizziness may caused by the scratches. If there are severe scratches on the lenses, it means that the lenses can't protect the UV rays for you. Too much exposure to sunlight may lead to dizziness. And plus the scratched lenses can't provide you with clear vision. You may suffer from eye strains and dizziness too. So I suggest you to buy a pair of new sunglasses with UVA protection. And the symptoms won't happen again. Good luck!
  • Robert


    If you think your problems are caused by glass sunglasses, I suggest you to try a pair of plastic sunglasses. The lenses of this kind of glasses are made of a kind of plastic, which can function as well as glass lenses. But I think the most important thing is to maintain your sunglasses after not using them. If the lenses are badly damaged, you can't use them again because they may cause problems such as eye strain or dizziness for you.
  • Matthew baker


    I can't agree with you on this point because if the glass sunglass can cause blindness, nobody will use them anymore. But the fact shows that nowadays glass sunglasses such as ray ban sunglasses are still very popular. You can have a good understanding about the materials of sunglasses at then you can choose what you like the next time.
  • Marissa


    I think your relative should have his or her eyes checked by an eye doctor. He may have other kind of potential healthy problems other than vision problems. Usually scratched sunglasses will not cause those serious damages to your eyes. They won't lead to blindness. But we do not suggest people to go on wearing a pair of scratched sunglasses for they can't block UV rays and they may lead to blurry vision. If your relative drives, the scratched sunglasses may cause vision problems and may possibly lead to an accident. So I strongly suggest you all not to wear scratched sunglasses in future.

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