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Which brand has the best aviator sunglasses for girls?

I recently bought a pair of aviator sunglasses from claire's and I love how I look in them. But they are cheap and tend to break easily. Is there any high-end brand offering good quality and stylish aviator sunglasses?
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  • Nathan harris


    RayBan, Oakley, and Gucci are all the high-end brands that offer the best aviator sunglasses for girls. Though they are expensive, they have good quality and stylish appearance.
  • Jack


    Ray Ban's have really good quality aviators, and they are much cheaper than other brands such as oakley or Gucci. I have a pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses and they are pretty good.
  • Zoe Wang


    When it refers to the best aviator sunglasses, ray ban must be taken into consideration. But i am not sure if they are the best for girls. But i know they provide aviator sunglasses for girls. I have tried a pair in Ray Ban shop. The aviator sunglasses for girl are really cool. I love it. However, the sunglasses are really expensive for me since i have thin purse. If you don't care your money, you can try Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.
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