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Kaylee peters


Where can I get good quality "computer glasses"? Is a prescription needed for computer glasses?

These days, I've been having eye strain and headaches and I was looking at what causes them and google-ing to see what I can do to help. I tend to use the computer a lot with projects and essays constantly for school So, I saw computer glasses and was wondering how you can get them? They are kind of tinted and reduce glare from the computer giving less eye strain and prevents headaches. Does anyone know where I can buy them? Do I have to get them prescribed? How much do they range from? Do they work well? Thanks!
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  • 04/12/2012

    Computer radiation do much harm to the eye that in the beginning of radiation our eyes cannot escape the symptoms of fatigue, inflammation, lachrymation, pricking and so forth. Then after having suffered from computer radiation for long, our eyes would be stricken by conjunctivitis , keratitis , cataract , glaucoma , retinal detachment, astigmatism, color blindness , etc. If the condition deteriorate, we will lose our sight. They are quite different from the regular glasses .the regular glasses you wear don’t really provide the accurate vision correction for the distances typical in computer work. In order to see clearly, many resort to the methods of leaning toward the screen or looking down through the bottom part of their lenses. Such mis-position in working usually lead to eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred visions. With computer glasses, because the powers are particularly adjusted for the computer vision distances, there is no need to adjust the sitting position in order to see. Don’t know where to grab your next pair of computer glasses? might be the place to start with. With their years of experience in the optical industry and professional service that has earned them quite a reputation, you are sure to find your shopping experience there a satisfying one.
  • equine_world


    computer glasses can decrease eyestrain and they are quite useful for those who spend lots of time on computer. If you wear prescription glasses, prescription computer glasses are good for you, so you need get your accurate prescription. Speaking of buy computer glasses, you can buy them online or in local eyeglass stores. As for me, I prefer buy glasses online. As more and more people realize, glasses are more expensive in local stores, they would like to buy quality eyewear online. Have you ever tried online eyeglasses? If not, maybe you can have a try. Good luck.

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