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Jack nelson


Glasses that protect your eyes from the computer?

I spend a long time on the computer and I was wondering if they have special glasses that help protect your eyes from the side effects of it, like the tears and the sensitivity. If they dont do you know of anything that might help?
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  • Jocelyn gerard


    Nowadays, there are new glasses called computer glasses coming out in the market. They are designed for using computers. They relieve your eye strain caused by computer. Some can even prevent you from radiation. Although some glasses can help you relieve the eye strain, you still need to rest your eyes often.
  • Jose joyce


    Yes, that's called computer glasses. As the name implies, computer glasses are specially designed for people who spend long time in front of computers. The eyeglasses are made of anti-reflective coating lenses which can protect your eyes from the computer radiation thus give your eyes healthy and comfortable vision. Besides, if you suffers vision problem, you also buy prescription computer glasses that can provide you vision aids so as to give you clear vision, thus release your eye strains.