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Ariana kirk


Can eye drops cause pupil to dilate?

Can some kinds of eye drops cause your eye dilation? What are those?
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    Yes, there are type of eye drops that can cause eye dilation. When you take some eye exam, some eye doctor apply it to make people's pupil dilation so as to see clear in your eyes. But commonly eye drops won't cause pupil dilate. Usually, most of eye drops in the market are lubricating eye drops to keep eyes moist. The rest of eye drops are usually applied to treat some eye diseases. If you want to buy eye drops using for pupil dilation, you shall consult an eye doctors.
  • Noah rupert


    Yes, I think so. Such things also happened to me once. And I don' t know if you have the same symptoms, not only eye dilation but also along with dry eyes and even a little eye pain, which totally bothers me a lot. I really don' t like this feel and I wish that I would never have that feeling ever. And I have consulted my eye doctor before. I have been told that there are nothing wrong with my eyes and everything is fine with my eyes. Probably what you get is just eye allergies. You really need to relax.


    Dilating eye drops contain medication to enlarge (dilate) the pupil of the eye. There are two types of drops: one type stimulates contraction of the muscles that enlarge the pupil (such as phenylephrine); the other type relaxes the muscles that make the pupil constrict and also relaxes the muscle that focus the lens of the eye (such as cyclopentolate). These two kindsof medications are often used together, either as two separate drops or as a single combination drop. Sometimes the drops are given via spray. Hope this helpful.