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Brooke peters


Would it be possible that I use my eyeglass Rx for my Contact Rx?

I know I need to get my eye measured to get contacts, but I am wondering would I be able to use the prescription for my eyeglasses to order these? I don't want to pay for another eye exam ,you know it will cost an arm and a leg.Does anybody know?
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  • cody88


    Your glasses prescription may not be the same as your contact lens rx. Getting contacts is not just about getting the right prescription, it is important to get an eye exam as well in order to make sure that it fits. If a lens is not fitting properly on the eye it may cause discomfort and damage to the eye. Although it is a pain and cost some money, it is important to make sure you get fitted with in an examination.
  • Michael?anderson


    It is against the law to sell you contacts without doctor's prescription.Also you should be responsible for your eye's health.Once they get damaged,it will be hard to recover.
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