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Are big frame glasses in style in 2012

I have perfect vision and i want to buy a pair of glasses to spice up my look. I plan to buy big frame glasses. Are they fashionable this season. Does anyone can advice good places to get them?
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  • walker_


    You have made a right decision to choose big frame glasses. They are very hot in 2012. You can see that many famous people like superstar, sports athletes wear this kind of glasses which make them look very fashionable. Because they are very popular, you can find them many stores. I recommend you to buy it in online store. You said you have a perfect vision and just want to buy a pair of glasses to flatter your face. Therefore, you do not need optometry. You can feel free to choose your favorite glasses without considering the lenses. When it comes to buying big eyeglasses, you can buy them online and you will find there are so many glasses for you to choose and they are cheaper than those in local stores. Just take your time and choose the one that suit your face and you like most.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Of course. It is sure that big frame glasses will continue to be in style this year. When choosing a pair of glasses, we should not only consider the styles and lens, but also the sizes. The big frame glasses are a little bigger in size than others glasses, which can help us look young, fashionable and casual. What's more, big frame glasses are also good items for our dressing up. Having a pair of big frame glasses can show your good sense of fashion and they are also most stars' favorite ones.

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