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Can menopause cause double vision?

My mother says that she often gets double vision these days. Is that situation caused by her menopause?
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  • clark


    Yes, the double vision will be got because of menopause. When your mother is during this period, her eyes will get dry easily because of the declined body mechanism. She will get red at the eyes. At the same time, she will see things in blurry state. She could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to clear the eyes and make eyes get comfortable.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    No, double vision can be caused by corneal problems, lens problems, muscle problems, nerve problems, and brain problems. It is true that menopausal women have greater chance of getting double vision, but that is not the cause of double vision. This is often associated with aging problem or illness like cataract,or macular degeneration.
  • claudiagonza82


    Well, in my opinion, it is possible to have double vision because of menopause. Referring to some researches, when someone suffer menopause, it will just lead to some other symptoms. For example, common symptoms include breast cancer, depression, stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, breast cancer female, pain. On the other hand, for double vision, you have to know that people with high blood pressure, pain, depression, rheumatoid arthritis can just be possible to have it. And from this report, we can say that double vision can be caused by menopause. So your mother just needs to be careful about it.