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What happens if your contacts get wet?

My contact lenses get wet by tap water. Can i continue to wear it? What will happen?
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  • Marissa george


    Well, in my opinion, you can still wear your contact lenses even after contact lenses have been wet by tap water. But you have to take some measures to clean your contact lenses, or it may infect your eyes. For your situation, you should wash your hand carefully and make them clean. And then, you should just take your contact lenses gently, and put them into the solution. And use your finger to clean them carefully. And then, just change the resolution, and do it one more time. Finally, just soap the contact lenses into resolution until you wear them next time.
  • Colleen


    Put them back to your contact lenses box which has storage syrup is the first thing to do. And do not wear them in an hour. Contact lenses are plastic and chemicals which needs to be stored in special storage syrup. Tap water contains high minerals and disinfectant that be possible to take chemical reaction with contact lenses. But do not worry that your contact is fine with one day immerseing in box though they get wet by tap water. During this time, you mustn't wear them, or eye infection and other eye problems may occur.
  • jill


    Yes, of course you can, as long as you rinse them with contact lenses disinfection solution. The moment you pick them up from tap water, you need to soak them in contact lenses saline solution or flush them with disinfection solution. The microorgasm can be killed after you disinfect the contact lenses, so nothing will happen to your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, the contact lenses can be worn as well even it is wet by the tap water. What you need to do is to clean it with solutions three times and soap it into the solutions until you need to wear it again.
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