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Hunter rose


Can sunglasses make you break out ?

I am told that sunglasses can make me break out, really? How come?
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  • c_wilde


    Yes, sometimes the sunglasses will make you break out because of the inadaptation to the new environment. For example, you are out wearing the sunglasses with polarized function to get rid of the uv rays from the strong sun lights and get into the room which is a little dark. When you put off the sunglasses, you may break out. The sudden change of the lights intensity will cause such phenomenon. However if your sunglasses are fake, with no function of polarize. Your eyes may get hurt easily. The lenses will make the situation get worse. Your eyes will of course break out. This is also the reason for the phenomenon.
  • Armand


    Yes, it is possible. Well, it largely depends on the type of your skin. Is it dry or oily type? If you have oily skin , you have greater risk of suffering from skin break out after wearing sunglasses for long. Wearing sunglasses for long leads to pressure irrating opening pores and resulting in clogging. When oil and sweat clogged in your pores, zits breat out. What's more, you will adjust the sunglasses to change its position, and this ends up spreading more oil and bacteria to the skin.
  • Catherine lewis


    Well, yes, in my opinion, sunglasses can just make you break out. So that is why you can feel like that. Generally speaking, when you have a pair of sunglasses, because of the different types, designs, you may feel differently. At that time, it can just make you have a time to adapt to the new environment. And at the same time, it will just affect your eyes, making you break out. By the way, after you have been accustomed to the darker environment, it will make you break out too, when you take off the sunglasses, for the sudden change of the lights intensity can be serious. Anyway, it can be normal.