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Mariah shelley


What happens if you get shot in laser tag?

I just want to know what will happen if someone get a shot in laser tag. Is there anyway who has experience it?
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  • walerie


    It is very dangerous to get the shot in laser tag which will cause the blindness. The eyeball will suddenly burn into the frame because of the high penetrating power and heat power. Usually people taking the prk surgery will get this. And this will be moderated the index to make the power be suitable. Eyes are the important parts for the whole body. We should protect it very much.
  • Benji


    I haven't such experience, but I believe that laser is dangerous, let alone to get a shot in laser tag. I have heard about that people get blind when he fail in laser surgery. It is no kidding here. So if you are not ready for laser surgery, I suggest you should not try!
  • Vanessa edward


    Well, as you can see, laser tag is a very popular game in the USA, which may give rise to some small danger to the players, especially when other people get a shot in your eyes, there might be some slightly painful feeling, and watery eyes would happen. So, the after effects could last a few days, it would be wise for the victim to get some medical treatment before it is too late.

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