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Does glaucoma change your eye color?

I just want to know if glaucoma can change the color of peoples eyes? And what the difference between health eyes and glaucoma eyes in aspect of their appearances?
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  • murielle


    I NOTICED that my eyes look darker since i got glaucoma, they also look glassy. so i do think that it can turn the eyes darker i had hazel colored eyes, befor i had this disease.
  • Jade


    Glaucoma often occurs in our 40s to 50s. It is an eye disease that the optic nerve is damaged by something. Glaucoma is usually but not always. High pressure in eyes can oppression the optic nerve and then glaucoma will occur. If not, your glaucoma will be okay. Glaucoma is really bad for vision problems, such as myopia, blurred vision and cataracts. However, it is hard and rarely to change eye color. Eye colors are determined by genes, which can only be changed with ages and times.
  • walkercub76


    Yes, there is a kind of glaucoma called pigmentary glaucoma which leads to the change of eye color. The pigmentation cells in those who suffering from pigmentary glaucoma fall off from the back of the iris of the patients' and float all over the aqueous humor, resulting in increased ocular pressure and eye color change. In the pigmentary glaucoma struck eyes, there is a stripe of pigment on the corneal endothelium. Other type of glaucoma eyes have no difference from normal eyes in appearance expect that the person with glaucoma has been blind.
  • ejg29


    Well, it seems that you are quite worried about your eye health. So, it is true that glaucoma will give rise to the change of color on your eyes, making your eyes turn green a little bit. And that is the primary difference between glaucoma and healthy eyes. Just try to protect your eyes from getting worse and pay attention to your use of eyes.