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What can cause one eye to be blurrier than the other ?

I got blurred vision now and then. And it is strange that my right eye is blurrier than the other. Why? Is this mean that my right eye has more serious eye problem than the left one?
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  • walkerpaul


    Multiple reasons can lead to blurred vision, which often refers to a lack of sharpness of vision with inability to see exact detail. Abnormalities present at birth such as near or farsightedness that require corrective lenses can causes blurred eyesight. Well, in some cases, permanent or sudden unsharp vision may just be signals to indicate the presence of eye diseases. Further, it can be the complications of the some eyes surgery, like laser surgery, or eye inflammations. Temporary blurring of vision may be a side effect of some medications. If so, you need to see your surgeon to see if you are needed to take some medicine. It is worth mentioning the poor quality of your glasses can also lead to distractions and night vision clarity reduction. Remember to check this. In general, we all have different eyes vision due to our genetic differences and various living habits. As a result, each eye will react to the diseases differently.
  • emi47678


    Yes, it is very likely that your right eye has more serious eye problem than the left one. According to your description, you said you got blurred vision now and then, you may be suffering your double vision or astigmatism. The right eye is more serious than the left one.
  • Samuel


    Yes, it means that your right eye has more serious problem than the left one which you need to take great notice of. Your eyes may get infection. You should use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and get rid of the coming bacterium. You should also use warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and get the clear vision.
  • Eric Zago


    Ok, it seems that you have got something really terrible with your eyes. Because we simply have both healthy eyes at the same time. The possible reason might be resulted from your eyes have been infected or crystalline lens is not well. My advice for you is to go through an eye test and figure out what to do next. And medical treatment is necessary for you.