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Can low sodium cause dry eyes ?

I heard that low sodium can cause dry eyes. Really? Why or why not?
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  • carolmck


    Well, yes, low sodium can just lead to dry eyes. Generally speaking, you should know that low sodium can be a serious problem, which can just affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as dry eyes. Because of the low sodium, it will have some effects on your tear system in your eyes. And in that way, dry eyes can be possible. And in common, dry eyes can be kind of annoying. Also, it will just affect your eyes. So you need to pay more attention to it. By the way, because of low sodium, it may lead to eye infection and blurry vision too.
  • Angelica giles


    No, sodium deficiency won't cause dry eyes. Sodium deficiency occurs when there is too much fluid in a person's body which dilute the sodium. The symptoms include nausea, fatigue, coma and vomiting.Sodium deficiency has nothing to do with the eyes. Don't look down upon sodium deficiency, because it is the reason why some people died all of a sudden in summers. When there is a lack of sodium, to ensure normal heartbeats, the body itself shut down other celebral nerves, resulting in coma and sudden death.
  • Logan hall


    Multiple reasons can cause dry eyes. Generally, the classical causes are the decreased tear production and increased evaporation of tears. The former commonly results from blepharitis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, or seborrhoeic dermatitis, especially some allergic conjunctivitis. While the later is usually attributed to low humidity central followed heating, air conditioning or high wind conditions and low blink rate, particularly your wide lid aperture due to the long time use of a computer or something like, relating to eye stain. Furthermore, we can not deny the sodium that influence our eye health status, but in reverse, people who are depleted by eating refined sugar, as well as excess sodium from junk foods are prone to suffer eye dryness.

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