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Paul Hathone


When is a baby's eye color permanent

Is the eye color of human beings inborn ? Or when is a baby's eye color permanent?
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  • chocolateeeee


    Well, generally speaking, people are born with the certain eye color. And in common, it will not change as time goes by. So we can say that eye color can be hereditary. But on the other hand, there will have some factors in daily life which can just affect your eye color. For example, eye color can be changed with your emotion. And actually, when you are upset, your eye color will be darker, even bluer. And when you are happy, it will be lighter. Also, weather can be another essential factor of it. But baby will have the same color as he was born.
  • cnpriest


    Yes, the eye color has been decided since the germ cell was formed. But the eye color of a newborn may change overtime, because the melanin inside his iris grows with time. As a result, the pigmentation of his eyes grow darker and deeper. So, the eye color only darkens with time. The eye color of a baby won't be set until at least the ninth month or when he is one year old. That will be the final color of his eyes.
  • Andrew bell


    Yes, the color of the eyes is born to be for humans. Usually the baby's eye color will permanent at about one year old. Eye color is a kind of polygenic inheritance characteristic. It is based on the iris of the eye pigment type and quantity. It determines the initial color the eyes of humans and other animals. It has many phenotypic variations to humans. These color variation depends on melanocyte. The proportion of two kinds of melanin manufacturing changes, including eumelanin and false melanin. The color of eyes is determined by the other pigments, such as adjusting acid purine and carotenoids . Usually the color of the eyes is permanent which will change easily. Once you find that your eyes have changed the color, you could go to the check whether there is the problem for your whole body health, like the liver problems.