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Can iodine deficiency cause dry eyes ?

I just want to know if iodine deficiency causes dry eyes? Or what will happen if i have iodine deficiency ?
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  • Lucy Hise


    Yes it Can!! I suffered with dry eye for years, then found about iodine and why most all of us need to supplement. This was aside from my very bad dry eye condition (just trying to improve my health) and within a week, my dry eye problem had cleared up. Mine was so bad I couldn't open my eyes without groping for the drops given me by my opthalmologist first thing upon waking. It has been nothing short of miraculous to get relief from this very painful condition.
  • Cary


    I have to say that dry eyes is caused by deficiency of vitamin A but not iodine. You can eat more vegetables and fruits full of vitamin A like carrots,mango to improve your eye condition. For your deficiency of iodine,you can take in some food with plenty of iodine mainly marine food product like kelp,nori and shrimp and also avoid eating too much food with large amount of cholesterol such as eggs.If the condition does not improve,you have to use drugs. Hope that will help.
  • walksal0ne


    No, it won't. The symptoms of iodine deficiency include: 1.Hypothyroidism 2.Goiter, that is, enlargement of thyroid 3.Brain damage, usually mental retardation in infants and children 4.Pregnancy-related problems like preterm delivery, stillbirth, miscarriage, and congenital abnormalities in their babies The causes of dry eyes include: 1. Eyelid problems that makes you difficult to blink 2. Decreased tear production, that is, a lack of secreting of tears 3. Poor tear quality, say, a lack of certain element in your tears 4.Staring without blinking for long 5.Environmental problems like dry air and wind
  • Charley


    If you have the iodone deficiency, your eyes may easily get dry. In addition the eye bags are the main obvious symptom. Due to the insufficient intake of iodine from the particular geographical environment, human body has great damage for growth and development. There are endemic goiter and low intelligence as the main characteristics of cretinism. The thyroid is the main symptom from the iodone deficiency. The thyroid will cause the eye bags and dry eyes. It can also show the eyelid late fall, retreat rabbit eye and eyelid pure exophthalmos or exophthalmos with different degree of hyperthyroidism by controlling the hyperthyroidism in the early stage. The moderately active disease includes the continuous eyelid, eyelid shrinking, late fall exophthalmus and some soft tissue. Your eye bags and dry eyes may be stimulated by the irritating nerves due to thyroid. You could use the eyes drops at home with anti-inflammation to help you get rid of the coming bacterium. At the same time, you could also eat more salt to solve the problem of iodine deficiency.