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Robert ja


Can you cry after lasik eye surgery?

Is it painful during and after lasik eye surgery? I just want to know because i am thinking about it. Will it make you cry?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Don't worry, it will not painful during the lasik eye surgery because actually you can feel nothing during the surgery. It can be a little pain after the surgery, and it will not last for a long period. Take it easy, lasik eye surgery is pain-free and completed within 20 minutes for both eyes. After that, you will do not need wear near sight glasses any more.
  • Kate


    Generally speaking, you will not feel much painful during or after the lasik eye surgery. Before you take the surgery, you will have to take some examinations to see whether you are suitable to do this surgery. Once you pass the examination, you then can take the surgery. Firstly, you will be asked to clean your face, make sure there is no makeup or anything else on your face in case your eyes get infection in the process of the surgery. Then the nurse will use physiological saline solution to clean your eyes' conjunctive sac. After that, your face will be injected facial anesthetic to prevent feeling hurt during the surgery. After the lasik, the doctor will wash your eyes and recover your cornea and ask you to blink your eyes for a while, then the doctor will drop some antibiotic eye drops for you and ask you to wear transparent eye shades and the surgery is finished. During the surgery, you will barely feel pain in the eye. After the surgery, in three to six hours your eyes may have some tears flowing, which is normal, and just go home and sleep, then the next day you can use your eyes to see and read as usual.
  • Noah


    Well, in my opinion, you should not cry after the lasik surgery, for the tears will just make your situation worse. Generally speaking, after the surgery, your eyes will be very sensitive and fragile. And if you let tears which are salty, get into your eyes, your eyes will be infected easily by the viruses. By the way, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. And do not overuse your eyes by watching too much tv or computer. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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