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What are the Consequences of MGD in eyes?

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  • Anna


    Meibomian gland dysfunction(MGD) is usually not sight threatening, but some unpleasant consequences may be brought. On the other hand, this condition is serious enough to undermine the sufferers' quality of life. Dysfunctional meibomian glands often cause dry eyes. In some cases, the dry eyeball may rub off small pieces of skin from the eyelid. MGD sometimes is accompanied with abnormal lipid production which causes visual discomfort and affects visual acuity.
  • bell


    Meibomian glands dysfunction may cause obstructed thick secretions and possibly leads to chalazion, which is painful and unsightly. Another negative point brought by MGD is that infections of the lid margins will be significantly increased, which in turn contributes to bacterial growth. What's more, the risks of developing postoperative infections after ocular surgeries will be higher.

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