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Nicholas baker


Girls only, do you think purple sunglasses are bad for guys?

I have got a purple sunglasses and I am a guy, it it gay to wear that sunglasses?
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  • 04/12/2012

    In fact I think it's great to see guys wearing the purple sunglasses. If you wore sunglasses with black color all over them, I may think that's a little monotonous. It also depends on the skin color. Personally some people with tanned skin are not suitable for black color. So just try them , they will give you a different feeling.
  • characterposter


    I can see that you are a guy and you are concerned about whether it is good to wear purple sunglasses. Anyway, it depends on your skintone as well as your overall style. As to me, if you have white skin and blonde hair, you could try, make sure your clothes are casual and not formal, and try to appear more sporting. In that way, purple sunglasses could make you appear more attractive and cool.