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Down at Evolve Gym on Worrall saint in Ordsall, Dylan Bowen interpreting booth, Is exposing _a href= dating_/a_ his winners belts and a big silver trophy. Dylan, initially from Lower Broughton, Has only been working out for five years and already has three European and numerous British titles to his name including WMF European Champion, WKA K1 English champ and British WKA safe bet.

Dylan established when he was seven at Oliver's Gym. He say's he didn't get into it without delay "I wasn't the best fighter at the gym when I first started but I _a href= ladies_/a_ kept going and now I am a European and British Champion but I just liked the fighting and training without delay. I won my first title in 2009 right after i was nine, I had my first fight as well as, It was in the British World Karate Association competition, I got to one more and I won it,

Dylan trains at Evolve three nights a week and is full of praise for the gym "it is great, It's got loads of exercise machines, weight lifting, pads, Spare head guards and gloves, You have no need to buy anything you can just come down and train,

You can do other stuff as well, this includes Parkour, Boxing and martial arts training. Evolve is the main centre for Parkour in the North West, the area is unique. It is only two years since it set up and already it is attracting leading athletes and training the stars of the future. Recently Laura Watson from St George's RC your childhood in Salford trained at Evolve before becoming World Speedway Cycle Champion.

Dylan's private coach and dad Stan Bowen, Who has also been born and bred in Lower Broughton, And has tried Thai Boxing since he was 19 years old. using the coaching at Ronnie Greens, Went on to coach at Oliver's Gym in Whit Lane and then moved to Evolve in the last year or so. Stan has now trained three champs Connor Radcliffe, Mathias Akinyemmi with Dylan.

"There are a lot of lads getting in to gangs and this is great way to get away from that sort thing" He clearly show "This was why I wanted Dylan get it done, and show off at him now,

what exactly next for Dylan? He's been invited to fights all over but it costs over 600 a time and there is no funding, So he has to raise support to get there. The big one will be when Dylan goes to Moldova with Pete Spencley's Celtic Challenge England Team to fight in the K 1 World championships in March 2013.

Stan surmises that Dylan will be world champion one day so watch this space

Evolve supplies free coaching for youth groups.

The developer also avoids the full planning agreements via a 'viability' report, Which hasn't been published despite the Council praoclaiming that in future there would be an 'expectation' that viability reports are published for the public.

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to point out the affect of a new 'bonkers' bus lane on the A666, today residents coned off a section of the road near Agecroft Fire Station during the rush hour traffic.

"We've tried speaking to councillors, Emailing them and inviting them to meetings and we were getting so fed up we thought we'd take direct action and show how bonkers the bus lane is down this end of the fishing line" pronounced Paul Brighouse, Of the group Stop The A666 Bus Lane craziness.
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