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dating sites accused of failing to protect women from abusive men

london, uk: A new anti stalking charity has alleged that online dating services are unable _a href= dating_/a_ to protect women from being targeted by stalkers or from serial domestic violence convicts.

New anti following group, Paladin, Which is set up to offer sessions to stalking victims, Has says it has received requests for urgent help from women after they met men online, Who became abusive to assist them, The Guardian informed.

Co initiator of the group, Harry Fletcher, Said that over the recent months there have been a number of online data protection breaches involving some of the widely used dating sites.

Fletcher asserted that it is frightening to know that information about women has been hacked and stolen and if such information fell into the hands of predatory sex offenders or stalkers, decline would be horrific.

He insisted that agencies must take all steps necessary to keep data safe and in any future theft inform all clients immediately.

Fletcher added that blend lack of regulation means anybody could create a new site anytime and data theft is of grave concern and needs government intervention without delay.
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