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How to get rid of red eyes due to allergies?

Can eye allergies cause red eyes? If so, how can i treat it?
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  • David cook


    Yes, eye allergies can cause red eyes and it is one of the most common cause of red eyes. Those allergens and environmental irritants may include pet dander, dust, blowing wind, dry air and sun exposure. Also if you do eye rubbing and some tearing can make your eyes red. So just keep from those allergens and keep good cleanings and get your eyes good rest.
  • John clark


    In fact, it stands a good chance of having red eyes because of allergies. It's quite a common phenomenon and there are a few measures you can take. To bring your eyes to their normal state, you can use a cool soothing wash or compress. The easiest way is to use a cool, wet face cloth. Soak a clean washcloth in cool water for a few minutes. Then, lay it over your eyes and leave it there for a while. This will soothe and cleanse red eyes stemmed from allergies. Moreover, you can boil some fennel seeds and let the water cooling. Then use the water wash the infected eye everyday. It will be helpful to relieve the pain and redness. All in all, keep these as your habits, and be careful about personal hygiene. You will recover shortly after.
  • abbyabbie


    Well, yes, it is normal to have red eyes because of allergies. According to some researches, the main cause of red eyes can be the eye infection, and it is caused by bacterial, viral, and allergic. So allergies are the main reason. Red eyes can be accompanied with other symptoms, such as itchy eyes. For your situation, you can just try some cold compresses on your eyes. For example, you can have some cold cucumber or teabags. By using it, it will just make your situation better. Also, you should not touch your eyes with your unclean hand. Of course, just go and see the eye doctor and he can give some prescription eye drops.