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Does eye strain cause nausea?

It is possible to cause nausea because of eye strain? I just hear somebody talk about it. Can you tell me why or why not?
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  • Johnny W.


    Yes, eye strain can cause nausea. Eye strain can induce dysfunction of the stomach, manifesting the chronic indigestion, lack of gastric acid and feeling like vomiting and nausea. When you focus on something for a long time, your eyes and the eye muscles will become overused and you will feel discomforted with the symptoms of headaches, fatigue, vertigo, dizziness, pain in the eye, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and back aches, burning sensation and eye twitching. To prevent eye strain, one should take regular breaks to relax eye muscle after a certain time of working or reading and do some eye exercises. Do not spend too much time on TV or computer. Avoid working or reading in a dim room. In addition, one can apply warm compresses onto the eyes or do some eye massage to relieve the eye strain.
  • elderoo


    Eye strain is most commonly due to reading and watching in a long time, or playing computer and working constantly. Eye strain is no joke. Serious eye strain can lead to persistent headaches, muscle pain in the head, neck and upper back, aas well as long term problems like myopia. Experts have also said that 3D footage can disorientate the brain, causing eye strain and headaches. I have also learned that eye strain can cause twitches around the eyes. Now I must answer your question seriously. Eye strain cause nausea indeed. So if you have such conditions, the first thing to do is call for a specialist to receive medical treatment. I wanna repeat again eye strain is no joke. At last, I can recommend you a great site that about eye strain. You must benefit from it. is its link.
  • greg t


    Well, it is not possible to have nausea because of eye strain. First, you should know that nausea is the sensation of unease and discomfort in the upper stomach and head with an urge to vomit. So we can say that it is a kind of problem which is about the stomach. And eye strain can not cause nausea. So you do not need to worry about it. If you have this problem, you can just go and see the doctor and he may be able to give some exam about it. Generally speaking, alcohol, or stress are the causes which can lead to nausea. So just avoid it.