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Robert hill


How long does it take to get Contact Lenses and how do I get them?

I have a recent glasses prescription and just bought new glasses a week ago. I hate my new glasses and I just want to get contact lenses, been wearing glasses for a long time. I am going to Lens Crafters tomorrow, how long is the whole process until I can get the contact lenses? Thanks.
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  • Jacqueline taylor


    Before you get your contacts, you have to have an exam because the prescription of contact lenses is different from that of glasses. You should be prescribled as the proper lenses. Usually I get the contact lenses the same day as my exam. It may take you several hours to get them back. You can wait there or just go shopping around and then get them back several hours later.
  • hall


    If you want to get the contact lenses and you have already got the exact prescription of your eyes, you could go to the lens crafters to buy the contact lenses right now. Usually the delivery time of the online store is about four or five days. You should just wait in patience. Actually wearing the contact lenses with good hygiene habit will bring a lot of convenience for you.