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Why do you need frequent eye examinations?

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  • walkwithme21


    Eye specialists recommend that adults have their eyes examined once every two years. If you have not had an examination in the previous two years and are having increasing difficulty in reading, having blurred vision or other eye-related symptoms, or have a family history of eye or vision problems, it is probably time for an eye examination.Working with a computer on a regular basis (a few hours a day) is very demanding on the computer operators' eyes. Eye specialists report a growing number of patients who relate their vision problems or complaints to their use of computers. The term computer vision syndrome has been coined to refer to these computer-related vision problems. CVS is replacing eyestrain more and more frequently.Ergonomically sound computer workstations, favorable work-rest schedules, properly designed visual environment alleviate eyestrain (visual problems) among computer operators. However, in many cases such measures alone cannot be effective if the computer operator's vision is not corrected.Because of the potential extra stress on the eyes, eye specialists may suggest more frequent examinations for all (young and older, with perfect or already corrected vision) who do computer work on a daily basis. Consult with your eye specialist for the recommended examination schedule for you.
  • Marry


    It is important to have your eyes examined, a lot of eye diseases and complications can occur without you ever noticing until it is too late to reverse. You should allot 1 hour for your annual eye health examination and an additional 15 minutes if you area former contact lens wearer. You will need additional time with one of our technicians to help train you how to take care and use contacts.
  • Yuanna


    Everyone should have routine eye examinations, how often you should see your ophthalmologist or eye care specialist depends on your age. Because the risk of eye diseases increases with age. If you are in good health and have no known eye problems and no vision problems, an exam every two to four years is adequate. The elderly should have eye examination at least every two years, for people with special health problems, such as diabetes.Yearly eye examinations are necessary to maintain good eye health.

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