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Luis lewis


Why do people wear glasses when they don't need them?

There are some people around me that always wear eyeglasses, but they actually needn't. Why? What makes them wear eyeglasses when they have perfect vision?
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  • Vivi


    Because it's hipster, I've seen girls outside in them, personally I think it's really pretty accessory they don't even need them.
  • DEREK Garrana


    Well, actually there are many people who don't have the vision problem, but they are still wearing the glasses. In my opinion, they just want to make themselves more beautiful and attractive. As we know that if you choose suitable glasses which have the perfect frames and beautiful colors, especially the wonderful designs, it will just make your whole image more outstanding. But on the other hand, you should know that there are many things you should pay more attention to, or you will just make your vision bad. So just go and have a conversation with the eye doctor, and he would give you the right suggestion.
  • b1eedingthrough


    Wearing the eyeglasses becomes a fashion to show the characters of learned, knowledgable, successful and so on. Even some people tend to wear the big frame black eyeglasses with no lenses. They just use the eyeglasses to do the accessory to let them look perfect, not for the clear vision.
  • Thomas oliver


    Hi, some people wea eyeglasses for their own reasons. Eyeglasses is no longer a medical tool but also a fashion tool. Some people want to wear eyeglasses just like others want to wear makeup. So for a more charming appearance is one of the reasons. Some other reasons may be to protect the eyes. If exposed in strong sunshine, the eyes are easily get tired and even burned, so wearing sunglasses will help. Hope my answers can help you.