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Bernadette Korey


Is it possible to get pink eye from kissing?

Will people get pink eyes if s/he kiss someone with pink eyes because of viral conjunctivitis ? Why or why not?
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  • chriso1984


    No, you may not get pink eyes if you kiss someone with pink eyes. Though pink eye is caused by viral conjunctivitis, the route of transmission is touching things attached by eye secretions produce by pink eyes. Usually, if you use the wash basin or towel or handkerchief or something like that which people have pink eyes have employed or touched to wash their eyes, you may get pink eyes. If you shake hands with people with pink eyes who used to rub his eyes with his or her hands and then you rub your eyes with your hand, you may get pink eyes as well. If you don't touch his or her eyes when you are kissing, you can’t get pink eyes at all. As long as you don't have touch eye secretions created by his or her eyes, you will be away from pink eyes. So don't worry too much and just be careful.
  • Sharon Field


    Yes, you may get the pink eyes if you kiss the one with pink eyes. As we know, the transmission way of getting pink eyes is through the direct touch through the eyes or the body touch. The viral conjunctivitis will absolutely let you get the pink eyes. You'd better not touch your girl friend and keep the distance between the body before she or her gets the recovery in eyes.
  • Christian george


    Well, this is actually uncertain, you see there are always complicated situations in the world right? So, looks like you have got pink eyes and you suspect it is resulted from kissing with your partner right? Well, the answer is yes. Sometimes people get infectious eyes which are able to transmit to another one through being too close to each other. And if your eyes were exposed to his or hers, then you perhaps have got such bacteria which gave rise to your pink eyes. But it is not serious, just see a doctor.