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Why are tom ford sunglasses so expensive

I like tom ford sunglasses. It is very cool and i want to buy a pair for my father. But it is really expensive. Why are they so expensive?
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  • larry


    Tom Ford sunglasses are expensive garbage. $450.00 and the lenses discolor. Avoid Tom Ford sunglasses!
  • hands_down360


    Although the tom ford sunglasses are expensive, a lot of people still tend to wear this type. First of all, its fashionable design attracts a lot of people's eyes. Secondly, its durable quality wins a lot of people's favor after the first buying. Last of all, its brand makes people tend to buy it. In a word, the tom ford sunglasses are worthy to be owned.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    In fact, there must be a reason why its price is so high. I don't know whether you have studies economics or not, but it says that luxirous goods are always expensive because of its short supply and its special qualities, the cost of production could be much more higher than other kinds of sunglasses. So, if you really wanna buy your father a pair, you have to prepare a big budget for it. But, I believe your beloved father would be very happy to receive such a gift right?
  • larry


    Tom Ford sunglasses are worthless garbage. The lenses fade and render them uselsss, Expensive garbage at $450.00. Buyer Beware!