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What is the best colored contact lenses for light eyes?

I want to buy colored contact lenses to enhance my look. Do you have any suggestion? What is the best colored contact lenses for light eyes?
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  • Brooke peters


    No matter what color of your eyes, when you use colored contact, the original color will not show. What color will suit you most, it is not depending on your eyes color, and it just depends on the color of your skin. The natural color will be the one which near your original eyes. You know God is the best dresser, you have light eye while you may have light skin color. However, if you want to give your friends a surprise, the contrast colors between your skin and eyes will impress others most. So I guess, when you go to party you would wearing bright blue or green color contacts; when you go to school or work, you can wear brown color ones. But, the final decision will be depend on youself!
  • Catherine


    Congratulations! Light eyes are very much suitable for colored contact lenses, because light color is easy to be covered by any other colors. That means you can try anyone you want. Get gorgeous look. The color of your contacts should match for your skin's color and your makeup. In fact, you must try some styles because of individual difference. And in different lights and environment, the color of colored contacts would change. Isn't wonderful!
  • Catherine


    Nowadays, a lot of people choose to wear the contact lenses to make them look more beautiful and charming, instead of only helping them see things clearly. If you have the light color in eyes, I suggest you to choose the dark series color of colored contact lenses. For example, the dark blue ones, the dark black ones or the dark purple ones. You can base on your own hobby and choose one that is suitable to you.

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