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Is it bad to wear contacts at a young age?

I am just 15 years old. And i want to wear some colored contact lenses for look. Is it OK? Will it too young for me to wear contact lenses?
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  • Megan W


    When you are at a young age, your eyes are still in the development, including the pupil. If you wear the contact lenses, the prescription may increase a lot for the unsuitable use. And it is bad for the normal growth of eyeballs. In addition, the wearing of contact lenses may make the eyes dry. So the young people should better not wear the contact lenses.
  • cecil


    As usual, it will not harm your eyes. However, I strongly suggest you should wear the soft contacts. And in the daily life, you should pay attention to the contact lenses and your eyes. The most important is that you should follow the doctor's directions while taking care of your eyes your contact lenses, such as washing then lenses everyday and only wear them in the day.
  • camzron


    When you are 15 years old, it's not the right time to wear contacts lenses, colored contact lenses are even worse than contacts lenses. Because someone is in this young age, her/his body is still immature, including the eyes. And wearing contacts lenses will disturb eyes' growth .Actually, colored contacts lenses are a fashion in these days, but it's really not suitable for such a young age. If you really want to look pretty than before, you can choose a pair of fashionable glasses, some glasses look cool. In the meantime, I think you can go to the hospital to have a examination for your eyes, maybe doctors can help you to regain your original sight so that you don't have to wear contacts lenses or glasses.
  • Andrew hill


    Of course, it will damage your eyes. It may lead to a little higher risk to your eye infection. If you wear contacts too young, it will also increase greater potential for eye irritation and discomfort. Children naturally may have problems inserting or removing contacts without adult assistance. So you should be responsible and be careful. If you still want to wear contacts, you'd better wash your hands carefully and learn how to put them on and take them off. Then you should ask all the questions you need at the optometrist as soon as possible.
  • Trinity rose


    Nope, actually it's good to do. Technically, a kid's eyes can handle contact lenses at a quite young age. And the infant could wear the contact lenses because of the eye problems at birth. A large number of kids would have nearsightedness, some have deep prescription. Children would consider the glasses with thick lenses are ugly. The contact lenses could help children to correct vision without frustrating self-esteem. The only problem for parents to consider is how to teach or help them to insert and take off contact lenses.

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