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Kimberly quick


Can I just use standard reading glasses instead of paying for a prescription?

My doctor prescribed plano +0.75 lenses for both eyes for near vision only (reading, computers, etc.). Does that mean I can just grab some cheap +0.75 reading glasses at a store and be fine without paying for expensive lenses and frames?
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  • David Felker


    Absolutely yes As long as the glasses match your prescription and you can have a clear view .but the problem is how can you you find any +0.75....what I see most start at +1.00
  • Gabriella rupert


    Why not go to an optical store and ask if they can do it ? I think it is not a difficult thing since the the reading prescription is added to the prescription for distance.
  • Riley gary


    You can use the standard reading glasses, but make sure they won't bring any problems or discomfort to your eyes and you can see well with the standard reading glasses. If they won't fit you properly, you need to get prescription reading glasses.