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Is it possible to have healthier eyes if I wear glasses full-time?

As what I know, nearly all lenses in glasses can provide UV protection. So does this mean that people who wear glasses have UV protection all-day and everyday tend to have healthier eyes?
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  • Robert ja


    It is good for one to wear glasses all day if one has strong prescription thus to prevent you from UV rays as well as keep you clear vision or even make you a better vision. It is not that good to wear glasses all day if one has weak prescription thus to make you more reliable on eyeglasses or even poorer prescription.
  • walkwithme21


    Nearly all lenses in glasses can provide UV protection?I have never heard about that.Some glasses with special coating may have the UV protection and polycarbonate lens can block the UV automatically but not 100%.Even it is true,there is no study showing that wearing glasses all the time can give you healthier eyes.

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