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Elijah walker


I am using bifocal glasses. Can I go for progressive lenses so that I can clearly see the computer monitor?

Now I have a separate glass for computer. I understand that with progressive lenses I can see objects at all distances (near, middle and far). If this is correct how is this achieved?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Yes, it is true that progressive lenses give you all three ranges of vision. However, the intermediate area that would typically be used for computers is not that wide of an area on your progressive lenses. If you have separate glasses for the computer, I would suggest you still use them if the prescription is still the same because the entire lenses would have the proper prescription instead of just a small amount of the lens. The progressive lenses are still great lenses if you have to look at all three ranges at the same time.


    Yes. of course you can go for progressive lenses to meet your needs. In fact, most of people think that progressive lenses are more convenient and nice than bifocal lenses. Some people also called progressive as no-line bifocals. So, as you can wear bifocal glasses, you can progressive eyeglasses. But if you just want to wear it when you see computer. I suggest you buy a pair of special computer glasses that only use for computer working. Though progressive lenses is very nice and convenient, but the area on the lenses for seeing computer is narrow. If you see computer screen through such narrow lenses, it will make you eye strain a lot. If you spent a lot of time on computer work, why not prepare a pair of computer glasses? It will provide you more comfortable vision.