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Jada shelley


Is it possible to order high index lens with semi rimless glasses?

Is it possible to order high index lens with semi rimless glasses? my prescription as follow: SPH +3.00 +2.75 CYL -0.75 -1.00 AXIS 098 102 ADD +2.50, my eye doctor told me to order high index, and i want a semi rimless frame, is that possible?
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  • Vidadimir


    The key to the availability of rimless or semi-rimless frames is the weight and thickness of your lenses. The lack of a surrounding-mount frame results in a reduction in stability and durability, and because of the added exposure, rimless or semi-rimless lenses are more prone to damage than those mounted in full-frame styles. If your vision correction prescription is fairly or very strong, your lenses may be too thick and heavy to fit a rimless or semi-rimless frame style. Stronger prescriptions can also require a deep curvature, resulting in thick edges that are not aesthetically pleasing or simply do not fit a rimless or semi-rimless bridge. So according to your prescription, it is available for the semi-rimless glasses.
  • Benjamin gary


    It depends on the prescription. It is usually not an issue in minus (-) myopic prescriptions as the edge is thicker then the middle. In plus (+) prescriptions the edge is thinner then the center and it may need a thicker lens to have enough substance at the edge to make the grove for mounting the lens in the frame. You need the advise of the optician and a careful choice of frames. A rimless or semi-rimless frame will always offer less protection to the lenses whatever the prescription.
  • Faith cook


    According to your prescription, of course, you can get high index lens with semi rimless glasses because that your prescription is not that high. If your PX power is very strong, then the lenses will be pretty thick even with polished edges. Semi-rimless glasses will show the full lenses on the bottom so you will be able to tell that the lens is thick when someone looks at you. With full frame glasses you won't be able to tell that the lenses are as thick because the frame hides the lenses. But with your prescription, it is ok for you wear use semi-rimless glasses.