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How to stop glasses from hurting your nose?

I need glasses for vision aids. But the glasses is heavy that is really hurt my nose. What shall i do? How to prevent my nose from hurting?
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  • Sandeep Singh


    Hi , we have a new product called "Comfortable Nose Pad Cover" check it on amazon or ebay , this product is the answer to the problems of discomfort on nose due to eye glasses. I myself had the same problem which urged me to invent this product. please check it out. Thanks
  • Randy C


    I have ever encountered such problem before; it is really a big trouble to nose to wear glasses. I used to putting tiny cushion pads inside the bridge, but it is inconvenient in my own opinion. You can select the lightest weight glasses that neither sit on the bridge nor leave any pressure marks on the nose.
  • walkingalone_


    In fact, you totally can buy a new one which is more suitable for your face and head size. If you are wearing a metal frame before, now you can choose a pair of plastic glasses, but if you want to save money, you also can adjust your glasses by yourself, the detail information you can reference in this page. hope this helps.
  • Nancy


    First of all, it is maybe that your glasses are too heavy for you. There are two reasons: one is that your prescription is very very high so that the glass lenses are accordingly very thick making their weight too heavy, the other reason is that the materials of the frame of your glasses is makde of heavy metal. If you are greatly nearsighted, then you can change your heavy glass lenses for a pair of high index glasses whose glass lenses are much thinner and lighter than ordinary lenses, usually one quarter time thinner and lighter. If it is because the material that makes up the glass frame is too heavy, then you can choose light-material frame such as a plastic one. Secondly, your hurting nose also can be caused by inappropriate nose pads of your glasses; maybe they are not set symmetrically or maybe they are set too close. You can go to the glasses shop to have them examined by the professionals and then adjust them to the right position. In addition, wearing the glasses for too long a time can as well cause discomfort on the nose except in the eyes, because the nose have to bear part of the weight of your glasses without rest. Therefore, you should pay attention not to wear your glasses all day long without rest.
  • Lex


    Well, actually it can be very annoying and hurtful when the eye glasses hurt nose. So you can try some ways to solve it. For example, you can just have some oil on your eyeglasses frames. In that way, it will just make your eye glasses frame gentler. And it will relieve your hurt to nose. Also, just adjust the size of eye glasses, so that it will not be too tight and hurt to your nose can be avoided. Of course, when you buy eye glasses, you should choose glasses which are lighter, so that it will not be a burden on the nose. And of course, hurt to your nose can be impossible.
  • Kelley


    Referring to your question, I think the frame made with titanium must be suitable for you. Titanium has a gravity of 4.5 g/cm³, which means that titanium frame is lighter than all the metal frames, let along plastic frames, and thus can lighten the burden of your nose. Moreover, almost every pair of metal eyewear has a nose pad. So you need to make sure the nose pad placed on your nose perfectly, if not, you need to get it adjusted. If you are new to wearing frame eyeglasses, you can try contacts, in this way, your nose will be get free.
  • Michaela


    You will have to find an optician to adjust them right. Someone who has more experience in problem fittings than the one you already went to I guess.

    There isn't anything you can do on your own, you will just make it worse, believe me. Adding little sponge pads isn't a solution at all either.
  • P J


    I had this problem too and it was driving me pretty crazy I couldn't focus properly. Then I bought plastic frames without the nose pads that stick out and it worked like a charm!
  • Victor Lee


    You should get a pair of glasses made up by high index lenses and light frame. That would be very light and won't make your nose feel uncomfortable.
    In addition, why don't you wear contacts? They would be extremely light that you can hardly feel the weight.
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