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How to wear glasses under ski goggles?

I need glasses for vision aids. But i plan to play skiing. So i need wear ski goggles. Now, there is problem, how can i deal with my glasses and ski goggles?
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  • Kenzie


    I agree with Mike,the best option is the Rx insert. Here's a video that explains how the inserts work, along with all the benefits including anti-fogging, comfortability, safety, etc. The company who posted this video,SportRx, offers these inserts as well!
  • Paige williams


    You need to know how to wear ski goggles over glasses. Of course you can by prescription goggles but they are pricey. If you are not going to ski often, they are not worth the price. They are some kind of special goggles that are designed for skier who wear eyeglasses. You can check them on the net. Here are some tips of how to wear ski goggles over glasses. First, plastic frames are better than metal ones; the size of your goggles should be identical to the size of your glasses. The most annoying thing when you skiing with eyeglasses is that the lenses are easily get fogged. So, prepare some anti-fog solution.
  • explosion_x3


    There are two convenient solutions for you. You could wear the ski goggles with prescription which will not only let you see clearly but also make you protect the eyes when skiing. The second way is that you could wear the contact lenses and then wear the ski goggles. You could try the above two ways.
  • chocolateeeee


    Well, of course, you can wear eyeglasses and ski goggles at the same time. Generally speaking, if you wear prescription glasses and enjoy skiing, then it is important to know how to wear ski goggles over glasses. And according to some professional persons, if your glasses have plastic frames, it will just be better, for metal frames get cold and can create fogging problems, while glass lenses also tend to fog easier. And then, you need to make sure your goggles and glasses are the same temperature before you go outside. Also, before you leave the lodge, you should apply the anti-fog to your glasses. Finally, you just need to put the glasses and goggles on and step outside to ski. This setup should remain fog free until you take your goggles off. So just have a try.
  • Victor


    In fact, you should try Prescription goggles which help you correct your vision problem while not cause any inconvenience. If this doesn't appeal, there is an alternatve. You can wear contacts while wearing goggles
  • Mike


    The best way to ski with your prescription is with an Rx insert. No one makes single ski goggle lenses with a prescription, glasses fog up, and contacts are just as annoying. Check these guys out, found them from a simple good search and they seem to have great ratings.
  • Korbin Kirk


    Yeah Kenzie SportRx is the call! I've gone straight to them with all my prescription needs and they are super helpful! Better to not waste time, and just got straight to the experts instead. They offer prescription snow goggles, and Over the Glasses (OTG) variations, so there is something to suit everyone. Give one of their opticians a call and they will hook it up!
  • corny-ah


    They make goggles for glasses called "OTG" goggles, meaning they have a little temple cutout to fit comfortable around the arms of your eyeclasses. Pretty good list of them here:

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