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Robert ja


Can heterochromia go away ?

My doctor told me that I kind of have heterochromia. But I have no concept of that. Will that go away itself?
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  • Gabriel peters


    It depends on the cause of your heterochromia. If it is inherited, it can't be cured or changed. However, your heterochromia can go away if it is caused by disease or trauma. Anyway, it may not disappear itself. You need to ask for information and treatments from a doctor.
  • duncan


    First of all, you need to know what is herterochromia to help you get understand it clearly. Heterochromia is a kind of abnormalities in the body, refering to two iris of the eye which presents the character of different color. The eye color, especially the color of the iris is determined by iris pigmentation and distribution of the organization. Therefore in the process of the formation of any pigment distribution of the above factors, it can cause eye color to be different. There are two kinds of heterochromia. One is that two eyes are different at the color. For example, one eye is blue, the other one is brown. The second situation is that one eye shows two different colors. Which one do you belong to? The heterochromia will not go away by itself with the time. Some people getting this are born to be, determined by their iris. Some getting this are caused by the damage of the iris which need to be treated with medical care.