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When can you wear makeup after double eyelid surgery?

I just took a double eyelid surgery. Now, it 3 days ago. Can i wear eye makeup now? Or when can i wear eye makeup?
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  • cun_yin


    Generally speaking, at lease 10 days. Actually, it depends on yourself body. You can not wear eye makeup until you totally recovered, your eyes must feel really comfortable, otherwise, it may cause a lot of troubles. so in order to guarantee your eye-skin health, you'd better wait longer time to heal the wound. Hope you will get better soon!
  • chocolateeeee


    No,, although it seems the permanent stitches have been removed in three to five days after your plastic surgery, it still need recovery period for your eyes to dissolve the operative wound. At first, congratulations to your successful surgery. For your first week and a half, or even fist month, you will need to clean the eye area due to the feeling of sticky, dry, and itchy, not always. In some cases, eye drops may be recommended. Did your surgeon list some activities and environments to avoid in the weeks immediately following your surgery? Do everything obey the list if you want your double eyelid natural and permanent without any complications. As for the date to eye makeup differs from man to man. It is wise to consult your surgeon.
  • Michelle


    Well, you are not supposed to wear makeup in the first two week after double eyelid surgery. First, you should know that makeup is made from many chemical materials. And that can just be the irritants to your eyes. After you have taken the double eyelid surgery, your eyes will be weaker and sensitive than normal. So if you wear makeup, it will just irritate your eyes, leading to some eye problems. For example, your eyes will be red, itchy, and puffy. Of course, in that way, it will just slow down the recovery period. So just be careful about it. And during the recovery period, heavy exercises should be avoided.