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What is the best brand of lense for computer glasses?

I had buy lens for computer glasses and Its brand is is good?
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  • 04/14/2012

    HOYA is good as it was found in 1941 and has a long story of making lenses , but it is it isn't neither better nor worse than any other brand of lens. It is really hard to see what is the best brand for computer glasses . I will only choose what suits me and work well on me .
  • Trinity rose


    There are so many famous brands all over the world. I don't know which one is the best. I think HOYA is OK. I have tried that kind of lenses too. But I don't know the difference between two different brands of lenses. I only know that the people who have strong degrees should choose a higher index because the lenses will be thinner.
  • gary


    HOYA is good. You can have a try. The lenses of poor quality will change color as time passes by. When I bought the first of my prescription glasses, the lenses are totally clear. But now they are a little yellow. The optician told me that I should clean the lenses with solutions then they will not change color that fast. But later I know that the lenses of good quality won't change color that easily.
  • gary


    I think any brand will be OK. The optician often told us there are big differences between the brands of lenses. They just want us to spend more money on them. I bought a pair of glasses from a small optical shop. I choose the best kind of lenses and a pair of titanium frame. But later people told me that my frame is not titanium. And there isn't any coating on my lenses so that they can't help protect my eyes from computer reflections or filter glare from computer screens. I hate that guy. He is a cheater. I won't buy any glasses from his optical shop and I will tell my friends he sells fake glasses to me.
  • Caitlin owen


    I don't know which brand is better. I have strong prescription. So I often choose 1.60 lenses because 1.60 lenses will be thinner than 1.50 lenses if they have the same degrees in the lenses.

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